• Dining and Night-life in Zanzibar

    The beautiful views and exotic beaches are not the only things that are praised in the island of Zanzibar. The island is at other times called the spice island due to it having the exotic spices providing delicious and aromatic flavours to the food here.

    Many hotels and Resorts in Zanzibar offer excellent cuisine, attentive chef and world class services. In Stone town there are a number of places where you can enjoy the real taste of the island….

    Also the best thing is that it is not restricted to just daytime but also at night as it ranges from the different restaurants with many different cuisines to choose from such as Lukmaan restaurant which offer a variety of foods within the local cuisine , meanwhile you can also explore the Indian and Italian cuisines in the restaurant of the house of spices furthermore there is also The silk route which is an aromatic restaurant with a Goa style cuisine to try and much more which you may find all over stone town to the Forodhani night park which has stalls selling enhancing flavoured foods including seafood to the traditional Zanzibar pizza and much more which you can enjoy.

    You will never run out of choices of where to dine in stone town. You will not now what you are missing out on until you come and try it out for yourself here.

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