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    Selous Game Reserved

    AREA : 54,600 Sq. Km.
    ALTITUDE: 110 - 1250 Metres
    The Selous Game Reserve lies south of Mikumi, covers 6% of Tanzania's total area and is 4 times the size of Serengeti. It contains the greatest concentration of big game left on earth.
    Selous Game Reserve is internationally famous for its animals. It has the world's largest number of big game:- elephant, buffalo, rhino, sable antelope, hippo, lion. There are over 400 species of birdlife which include:- fish eagle, secretary bird, kingfisher, sunbird, hornbill, billstork and hammerkop.
    Facilities include boat safaris along the Rufiji River, walking safaris and game viewing in 4 wheel drive vehicles. The tranquility one experiences at the Selous, the wildness of the atmosphere has no parallel anywhere on earth. The best time to visit is from June - October when the weather is cool and dry, the vegetation lush and the animals easy to see.

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