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    Zanzibar Beach Holiday

    Zanzibar has a most romantic, old and fascinating history which emanates from long interaction with many cultures. As early as AD 60, Zanzibar was first mentioned by the Periplous of the Erythraen one of the famous Greek sailors of that time, in his writings. This suggests that residents and traders from other continents must have visited Zanzibar. The earliest travelers came from Persia, India and North Africa. Then the arrival of Shirazis, Omanis, Portuguese and the British exposed Zanzibar to the rest of the world. Legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama visited Zanzibar in 1499 on his way to India. The British warship, Edward Bonaventure anchored at the Zanzibar port in 1592 lead by James Lancaster. British colonization of Zanzibar begun later and ended in 1963.

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